What do I want to do

One thing that I have been thinking about is what I really want to do.
I am at a job that in a way is satisfying as I do feel that I help people.
I however have been feeling like I want something else to be more involved in helping people. I like some phone work but I know that I like to be around people too.

I have been told by some of my family that I should go into a certain field. They felt that I would be good in that line of work. So after years of up and down weighing the options and really wanting to get into something I would enjoy and know that I would be helping people. I decided to look into.

I went on Wednesday to an appointment with a school that was close by and really liked what the information I got from it. Right now I am putting it in God's hands due to the fact that I would have to get help through financial aid. I am hoping that things will work out and the program that I would take is going to be looks like 11.5mos for it to finish.

I am excited for the changes because I think it would put me in a better place.

Getting to Things

You know those things that you need to do but don't want to and put off and put off.
This week was the week I couldn't put it off anymore. I had two things that I needed to get done but didn't want to.

Through a situation I couldn't put it off anymore. So Tuesday night I tackled one of them and ten Wednesday morning I tackled the other. It felt really good to get those done so that they weren't nagging on me anymore. Plus it made my world seem so much nicer because I didn't have to worry about them anymore.

Sometimes I think to myself why did I wait so long to get to those when it made me feel so much better when it was done.