That memory I couldn't remember

So I had been thinking lately about a birthday that I couldn't remember. I knew I probably had the memory but I couldn't place it as that birthday. That birthday I couldn't place was my 4th birthday.

Most people wouldn't even think twice about remembering their 4th birthday but when I could remember my 3rd birthday and then my 5th birthday it was driving me crazy. I wanted to remember and there were a few memories coming to mind I just couldn't quite put them together as that was my 4th birthday.

So I am going up to see my family in June and I didn't really want to bring up the subject because even over 30years (wow can't believe it has been that long) sometimes they are a hard subject to approach. I am not sure why I retained my 3rd birthday but it was the last birthday with my birth mom Arlene Edythe Roskamp (Edie). My 5th birthday I remember so well because I liked cookie monster from sesame street and I had a cookie monster cake. It was great. I loved it. So why in the world was this 4th birthday. I decided I would have to do the hard at some point and ask.

Well I love how God works because I had prayed to him to help me remember because I wanted to remember but couldn't. The answer came in a card from my Aunt. I couldn't believe it when I opened the card. She had sent some photos and usually she will send photos of my cousins kids so I thought oh nice I don't get enough photos of extended family so that is neat but they weren't of them. She had actually sent me photos of my 4th birthday. It took me a moment because how in the world did that happen, I couldn't remember that one birthday and out of the 20-21 birthdays I had with my family she would send the one I couldn't remember. Wow- God is good. This birthday was a different one because it was the first birthday with out my mama Edie. It was a birthday that had many firsts and many lasts. God knows how to help us close some of those gaps sometimes and it was nice that this one was so easily closed. I know it is a simple thing but sometimes those simple things mean a lot. Now I can put those pieces of the memory in the right category in my mind of my 4th birthday. Even though I couldn't place it God was able to bring around what I needed to be able to. Thanks for the answer to my prayers Lord even though sometimes they are as simple as a memory.