Late Night Ramblings!!!

Here I am I should be sleeping because of all the reasons why and I can't sleep.
I was listening to a song on my ipod trying to go to sleep when God just speaks through a song. I am wanting to be closer to Him in my personal walk with him and yet I just feel like something is holding me back. More then likely it is myself but things have been more difficult in life then I ever thought they would be.

I know what I want to happen and I believe that God has shown me what is suppose to happen. I am trying to be patient for some of the things that God has said. I know that there are bigger things in store.

My heart's cry is to be helpful, to be able to not only reach to the Stars but to be able to ride the shooting Stars. I feel like there is more then what I have experienced and yet I have the sense of being stuck. I want to change my world more and yet feel like I keep walking in quicksand.

I only pray that I can find my way before I miss it. I pray that I can make tomorrow be brighter then today. I pray that I can know His way that I am truly walking the correct direction. I Love to hear the birds singing, I love smell the rain when there has been a long time between rain fall when everything is going to be fresh. I love to see the snow fall and like a kid I love making snow angels with my daughter. Is it wrong to want more then where I am at? Is wrong to want to reach Higher then where I am at? I hope not because I am looking for that more then the right now. I know I still have somethings to work on but I know I can get there.

Help Lord to get to where I need to be. Help me Lord to keep reaching for you to be able to ride those shooting stars. I just want to be near you.

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