Thoughts and Thoughts and more

So I have take up blogging again, it feels good to just let thoughts ramble and I know I am silly so for whatever it's worth it helps most the time to get my thoughts out especially so that I don't stew on them all night long. Get them out so I can sleep.

This year has had so much happen in it that there have been a lot of sleepless nights in it. I hope that most of the hard stuff is over for a while. Let's see: my dad had a mini stroke, my aunt had cancer, my aunt passing away there have been a couple other people that I care about diagnosed with cancer, a grandma who passed away (not my side but significant for my daughter), other decisions that have been made that I have not yet had the means to act on yet (hopefully soon).

Normally even years are better for me then odd years and I look at this year and everything that has happened. Wow it is a lot, I could ask a lot of whys for this year but sometimes we are meant to rest in the fact that God has everything under control.

I am not sure what next year will bring hopefully mostly good, maybe I will get a couple year's break from so much difficult. I have to walk through one more difficult thing but going to wait for that till after Christmas. I am sure that I will write about it eventually but it will be a noticeable thing for most people close to me. I know what God has shown me, I know what I have prayed for, I know that I asked God for direction and I believe he has answered me. I am not looking for approval from anyone because no one really knows what I have been through except for the few that have had also walked a hard walk this year.

I pray for the strength to get through it because it will be so nice to be able to say on the other side. I made it, not alone with God's help. I made it. That will be so nice and rewarding.

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