Late Night Thoughts

I know I posted earlier today but was looking over somethings online while I was winding down.

As I was sitting here I heard outside a car go out of our parking lot on the road. Of course at this time of night there is ice and all the driver does is push the gas so hard the tires spin. I don't even have to look out the window and the person is turning right by the direction of the sound. Even then the driver is still spinning the tires. I am thinking to myself if it is not working very well why keep trying to push so hard.

Then I think about myself if something is not working right why do I try and push so hard to make it be. God loves us and what will be - will be. When I try and force something that is not to be it is like the tires spinning on the ice that really don't go very far very fast. But if I put the chains on first I can get where I need to go with out the spinning. Even though I think my way would take less time up front it can take longer on the back trying to push something on a slick surface. Whereas if I allow God to work and I take the time up front to do an extra step it will get me farther in the long run and more then likely safer too.

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