Snowy Times

Today I stayed home and enjoyed a day inside and off of the roads. Looking outside our cars were buried. Plus there was plenty of slick conditions out there to keep us off the roads. Tomorrow will be an adventure as I do have to go to work tomorrow. I will head in really early and stay there for the entire day until I get off at 7pm. It will be a long day but better to get there and stay then to wait and not be able to make it in.

Looking at the forecast for the weather there will be another front that comes in Wednesday and will probably drop more snow. I don't think I have to work but will be able to confirm it tomorrow.

My last post about Spokane well the no snow fall there was short lived as they ended up getting 24inches in 24hrs time. The whole city had to shut down until they could get plows out there on the roads to take care of the snowy conditions up there. But Northwest is not the only ones hit hard, The East and Middle and even as far south as Arizona has gotten snow so far.

Looks like things are in a cooling down period to even out the warm that we have been feeling for a while. I like this change as I love the snow.

My daughter every time I take her out has a blast in it and she is all excited about it. We had lots of fun when it was around.

I hope that everyone drives safely if they have to go out and will have a Merry Christmas and
a Happy New Year.

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SLMW8MAN said...

Nice to see you here. Keep blogging.