Well this weekend we got snow. I was all for it.
The only problem was my munchkin came down with a really bad cold. Poor thing was not doing good and all we could do was watch the snow from inside.

I was sad for her because I remember when I was little going out and so much enjoying the snow. So I decided to quickly put on her coat and some of mommy socks, and picked her up and went out to the balcony. I had her touch what was on the rail of the balcony and the put her hand out to feel the snow. We only were out for a minute or to but she was happy about that.

Today she is doing so much better with her cold so should this weekend prove to snow she should be able to enjoy some snow time. I am excited she always has fun playing in the snow.

Then I talked with my mom about the snow since I am in Portland OR we tend to get little snow and my family in Spokane WA they get more. This time they didn't get hardly any. So at least for right now the cities are reversed from what they normally are. Strange feeling when Portland has snow and Spokane doesn't

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